TDU2 in 3D

5. Februar 2011, 12:45h 46 Kommentare route_66
Wie ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter im offiziellen Forum schrieb, wird die PC-Version von TestDrive: Unlimited 2 die 3D-Technik unterstützen.

Zitat Galopin, ehemaliger Mitarbeiter von Eden Games:


The 3D version was my last engagement i wish to complete before i left Eden Games. I have implemented a fully functional 3D rendering and glitch free version of the game to enjoy a great 3D experience. You will be able to set up modes like anaglyph and 3d vision (our own and not the automatic driver version that was full of glitches and much more expensive) and set the monitor diagonal to achieve the best results. You will be able to tweak the depth strength ingame with short-keys. The photo mode work in 3d too and your friends will see them as 3d too on your house frames and MyTDULife if they play in 3D too. I talk about PC only...