Gamespot: Interview mit Nour Polloni

1. Mai 2010, 11:46h 33 Kommentare crasher
Das wir jedes mal einen haufen an neuen Informationen bekommen können wir nicht erwarten, aber ein paar Neuigkeiten springen doch immer mal wieder heraus.
So auch im Interview von Gamespot.

Nun also zu den neuen Features:

Like a treasure hunt, if you come across car wrecks, you can salvage them and build your own car that won't be available to a dealer anywhere. It looks like regardless of what you decide to do with your time, you'll earn some kind of reward and be continuously working toward your raising your level.

Wracks können geborgen werden und daraus kann man seine eigenen Fahrzeuge erstellen. - Wie genau das Aussehen soll wissen wir noch nicht.

Now that vehicle damage has been added, it'll cost money to fix the cosmetic wounds, so tearing across the fields in your Gumpert Apollo may not be such a good idea.

Die Reparatur der Fahrzeuge muss bezahlt werden.

There is 930 km. of road, and 310 km. of it are off-road trails that are indicated by yellow lines when you zoom out of your map, which could take you about 20 hours if you wanted to drive over all of it.

Man benötigt ca. 20 Stunden um alle Straßen (On- und Off-Road) einmal abzufahren.

The whole point of the game is to go from rags to riches, and in order to be able to collect all 208 cars, you need to have the space the house them. There are 100 different homes you can possess and many have breathtaking vistas or even a yacht.

Es soll 208 verschiedene Autos geben (+ downloadable cars?) und 100 Unterkünfte geben.