Eden Games bedankt sich...

6. Juni 2006, 13:10h crasher
...bei allen die sich die XBOX360 Demo heruntergeladen haben (rund 200.000 Leute).

Ebenfalls bedankt sich E.G. für euer Feedback.

Hier ein paar Punkte die sich seitdem Geändert haben oder Gründe warum Sachen nicht geändert werden:

Physik: Manche Spieler fanden das Spiel zu Arcade lastig, manche zu Simulations- lastig und manche Perfekt. Nun wurde ein Menü eingefügt wo man optional die Fahrhilfen (ABS, ESP,...) ausschalten kann

Schaden: Einige Hersteller wollen nicht das ihre Autos Schaden bekommen weshalb man das Schadensmodell ganz weggelassen hat, ein weiterer Grund dafür währe, das z.B. ein 10 Jähriger Junge angefahren kommt und in deinen neuen Ferrari kracht.

Blur: Es wurde ein Menü eingefügt, wo man das Blur an und ausschalten kann, genauso mit dem Kamera-Wackel-Effekt.

Controller Layout: Im fertigen Spiel wird es noch mehr Controller Layouts geben

Als dank will Atari in den nächsten Wochen noch eine Demo bereitstellen.

Zitat von Mattlab

Dear Test Drive Unlimited Fans,

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the over 200,000 people who downloaded the Test Drive® Unlimited demo through Xbox Live® Marketplace and to the thousands who gave extremely valuable feedback via www.testdriveunlimited.com.

This demo has helped us accomplish two major things:

We wanted to test our servers for the world’s first M.O.O.R. (Massively Open Online Racing) title. In day one we had over 10,000 people on our server racing against one another.

We also wanted to gather your feedback on what you liked and what you thought should be improved. The game is still a work in progress and we have time to improve the product significantly. So we've asked for your opinion and we received extremely helpful responses. We don’t agree with everything that’s been posted but most posts make sense and nearly all issues will be addressed.

A few general points on the feedback:

General bugs: This is a work in progress. �

Map: Some people were wondering why you couldn't un-zoom in the map of the demo. This is because the whole island isn’t in the demo, so we locked the zoom/unzoom feature.

Physics: Some people think they are too arcade, others are saying they are too sim-like and others are saying we are perfect…impossible to please everyone. However, there is a driving aid menu. People that want sim should play with driving aids off while others should use them. Additionally, further tweaking of the physics is ongoing.

Damage: Some car manufacturers don't want their cars being damaged so we can’t have some with and some without. More importantly, this is a unique, massively open game… we don’t want the problem of the 10 year old guy smashing into your brand new Ferrari etc.

Blur: We added a setup menu in the option menu to turn it on or off or tune the amount of blur. Same with the camera shaking effect.

Island graphics: They are evolving all the time. Until the final build, they'll keep being improved.

Controller layout: A few other controller layouts will be available in the final game.

Again, we thank you for your support and are very excited to launch Test Drive Unlimited as a unique and special product.

All the best,

Stephen Baer

US Sr. Brand Manager

P.S. Please be on the look out for an updated demo within the next few months. You can also pre-order the game at select retailers.