Neue Interessante Infos bekannt!

25. Mai 2006, 16:10h crasher
Aus dem Atari Forum habe wir neue Infos für euch.

Zu einem, wurde die Grafik noch mal gegenüber der Demo verbessert. Zum anderen, wenn man in ein Rennen ist und jemand nimmt dauert Abkürzungen über die Wiesen, wird dies in einer Statistik Vermerk die jeder einsehen kann, also unauffälliges mogeln gibt es nicht. =)

Aber noch eine etwas nicht so erfreuliche Nachricht, es sollen angeblich noch nicht alle der Finalen Entscheidungen und Verträge Unterzeichnet sein.

Was sehr gutes, die Offizielle Fahrzeugliste soll wahrscheinlich nächste Woche fertig sein. Atari wird die Liste dann Veröffentlichen, wenn die Hersteller alle unterzeichnet haben.


Hier die Orginal Texte aus dem Forum....


Indeed. Understudy and I spent quite a few hours at Atari playing around with TDU yesterday

If you thought that the demo was good, be prepared to be blown away when the real thing comes out (confirmed on the 1st September), what we saw yesterday - which is nowhere near being the finished product - was absolutely amazing.

The graphics have been refined, the texture is fantastic, the possibilities for game play are incredible. The handling is slightly different than in the demo - I'd say slightly harder, but as in you'll need time to learn how to handle your car, this is certainly not an arcade game in any way.

To those who were wondering about racing and cheating by cutting corners and driving on the grass, guess what, doing that will get you penalised and will even show on your stats, everybody will know what kind of driver you are!

Just a little taster for you, more will follow


We'll tell you what we can.. its almost soul destroying to be told exciting stuff, and then be told that the final decisions and contracts haven't been signed off yet, so we can't tell anyone.


The official car list should be finalised in a week or so. It looks like Atari are intending to release this as soon as all the manufacturers are signed off - we're hoping that the info will be given to us, and we can pass it on straight away, so the forum will know before anyone else !