TDU » Patches » Community Patch 1.67d

22. Juli 2009 crasher 2,3 MB
- Unlock 5 new traffic cars + police car may appear online (without purchase)
- Unlock bike's clothes for car
- Unlock car's clothes for bike
- Unlock custom paintshop for car that was locked on
- Unlock tuning shop for F40 (until kit3 available)
- Car names fixed (example : Enzo Ferrari become Ferrari Enzo, Edonis Edonis become B. Engineering Edonis...)
- Nismo 350Z rims fixed
- Special body cars (Nismo 3520Z, Saleen ST281, Alfa Romeo GT Sporting Technical Kit, Benz SLK 55 Performance Package) are now sold on car dealer place
- Nissan 350Z & Alfa Romeo GT (normal body) are now available for kit3 (without body change)
- New logos for addon cars with a long list of brands and model name available for all languages
- New traffic management
- Car dealer sort out